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See how our behavioral program

 " Prior to taking Zoe to Stonehaven, she was picking fights with our other dog and cat on a regular basis.  Several of those fights resulted in trips to urgent care for me after bites. She bit me once outside of a fight when we were walking outside and she didn't recognize me. By the time we got to Lyric, she had four human bites unrelated to dog fights and the boarding facility we were used had refused to take her. We were very very concerned and very stressed. 


If you are considering a rehab program, I urge you to give Lyric a chance. She can provide you with references of other dog families she has helped. And most importantly, she provides you with proof along the way that what she is doing is working. Zoe has been home two months and they have been her happiest two months with us!" - KA H.

Puppy Training

No more; messy kennel, ripped up clothes or shoes!


Your puppy will know how to coexist in your home being a calm puppy, what rules to follow, and you will have the foundation you need to continue to build a great dog!

Leadership Training

We are building a dog that responds to all commands when you give them.


Finally, having all control in public, or when guests come over!  A dog, your family, truly enjoys and can participate in family adventures.

Behavioral Consulting

Afraid to have guests over? Unpredictable aggression towards people or other animals?

Why continue to worry when you can have a dog that listens, and is under control in all environments without growling, lunging, or even biting?

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