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can you relate to this right now?

A dog that pulls on the leash, and only listens when it wants to?

A dog that is aggressive towards friends, family, strangers or on walks?

A dog that doesn't obey inside your home or in the yard? Possibly jumps, or barks at people due to over excitement?

A dog that cannot go anywhere and is only limited to the house due to its unmanageable behavior? 

Got a new puppy in the house and routines are crazy because the puppy is still learning? No problem.


Here's How Our Board & Trains Benefit.

Enrolling your pup in a board and train program goes beyond teaching the dog obedience skills.


It's equally about equipping yourself with the knowledge to maintain their progress once they return home and effectively leveraging the tools and training they've received.


It's a journey of shifting your mindset to understand what dogs require for sustained improvement in their behavior over the long term.

When dealing with aggression, the potential for lawsuits stemming from biting incidents with people or other dogs is a serious matter. Even a dog displaying aggression over food or toys poses a risk. It's essential to tackle these behaviors directly. Through proper training, you not only help your dog handle these situations better but also gain the knowledge to maintain a well-balanced canine companion.

Offering training control for on—and off-leash, electric collar-trained dogs, which have been proven to behave in public and home settings with exemplary listening skills.


This makes it effortless for owners to maintain their advanced training and skill set, once they learn what they need to do as well.

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Behavioral or Obedience?

Our behavioral program is designed to cater to dogs with a range of challenges, from reactivity towards humans and other animals to aggression, resource guarding, anxiety, and more. It's a comprehensive program built to tackle some of the toughest issues your dog might face.


Our leadership program is a crowd favorite for good reason. It's all about mastering control both on and off leash, whether you're at home or out and about with friends and family while training your dog. NO MORE EMBARASSMENT. With this program, you can enjoy a controlled lifestyle consistently, no matter where life takes you!


Stonehaven obedience Panama City

30 day board & train


  • Anxiety

  • Aggression (People/dogs)

  • Reactivity - people, dogs, and objects with no intent to harm.

  • Reactivity to cars, people, and dogs with the intent to harm.

  • Animal fighting.

  • Self Mutilation

  • Fear-Based issues.

✅ We prioritize addressing your dog's leading issues and create a detailed plan to overcome them. With one hands-on training session per week, the dog and owner can progress effectively while the owner learns what they need to work on with their mindset and habit changes to help the dog become more successful.


✅ Training sessions in public places are crucial for enhancing control and ensuring success in real-world situations. Dogs learn to remain calm in stimulating and dull environments alike.


✅ Our comprehensive approach focuses on integrating this new foundation into your home and lifestyle, equipping you with the skills to train, maintain progress, and correct unwanted behaviors.


✅ We offer daily video updates Monday through Friday to track your dog's progress and provide coaching for your learning. Our guarantee reflects the remarkable improvements your dog can achieve based on your dedication to the training process.

Are you ready to make big changes for your life to be better with your dog?

14 day board & train

We provide training in both stimulating and calm environments right in our home, alongside our family. This includes activities like attending cookouts and visiting public stores.


❌ This program is not suitable for overly fearful, aggressive, or reactive dogs.

In our training program, we address a variety of commands and behaviors,
- Come - Sit
- Down - Place
- Off - Leave it - No
- Jumping on people - Pulling on the leash
- Counter surfing - Excessive barking

✅ During training, dogs gain valuable experience through 2 public outings to dog-friendly stores, practicing their skills in real-world settings, videos supplied.


Off-leash training with an electric collar prioritizes safety while giving dogs freedom in a controlled manner, indoors and outdoors. When used correctly, it reinforces commands and boundaries, ensuring reliable responses, even in distracting environments.


This approach strengthens the bond between dogs and owners, promoting trust and security for fulfilling off-leash experiences as a team. Off-leash collar training isn't just for outdoor use; it also establishes control indoors, where you spend most of your time with your dog(s) and when hosting friends or family.


✅ Crucially, we prioritize training you throughout the process with video updates available Monday through Friday.

See our videos to learn how we use our tools!


7 day board & train


Our puppy camp program outlines crate and potty routines, home life with the family, and on-leash commands and listening only.


❌ This program is unsuitable for overly fearful, aggressive, or reactive puppies.

In our puppy camp, we address a variety of commands and behaviors,
- Come - Sit
- Down - Place
- Off - Heel

Our puppy camp is a basic starter program for puppies to learn essential skills. They will be trained to go potty outside on a schedule to stay calm, quiet, and clean in their crates during the day and overnight, and to learn basic commands on leash only, with no off-property sessions.

Living with us as a family, including children and other dogs, provides puppies with a healthy social life essential for their development. Interaction with people and other animals is crucial for their growth and well-being.

We also introduce on-leash commands with food rewards, such as come, sit, down, off, place, and heel. Expect your puppy to only listen thoroughly with its leash on, this is only an introductory program.


Due to the short duration of the program, puppies won't be perfect as they are still very young and the only tool is the leash. Continued pattern training at home will be necessary to maintain and build on the progress they've made.

This 7-day program includes 5 videos that outline how your puppy is being trained, address any questions you may have, and provide guidance on how to continue progressing in the future.




✔ 30 days - aggression - behavioral issues & reactivity.

✔ Hands-on weekly lessons during training, with the owner.

✔ Family home training environment, with one dog at a time.

✔ Equipment included ($200 package)

✔ Mon - Fri video updates.

✔ Owner must be ready to make life changes at home for this program to benefit.

✔ Follow Up Support.




✔ 14 days of On/Off leash Electric Collar obedience training.

✔ 2  - In-town training sessions.

✔ Family home training environment, with one dog at a time.

✔ Equipment included ($200 Package)

✔ Mon - Fri Video Updates.

✔ Follow Up Support.



✔ 7 Day Basic Puppy Foundation.

✔ 10 weeks to 5 months of age.

✔ Family Environment, one dog at a time.

✔ Safe Exposure to other animals.

✔ Mon- Fri Video Updates.

✔ Follow Up Support.



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Text Lyric 239.810.4094


Contact Lyric! She will get back to you within 24 hours!

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Lyric Edwards
676 Rabbit Run Rd,
Youngstown Fl.
APPT only!


Panama City Dog Trainer

nice to meet ya!


I'm Lyric

 I'm Lyric, and I've been dedicated to dog training for 15 years. As the owner of StoneHaven K9 (SHK9), and Florida's top Sheepadoodle breeder, our family is deeply committed to dogs and our clients.

Previously located in Lehigh Acres but newly relocated to Youngstown, FL.

With the help of our family of four, including two adults and two kids, we ensure that our client dogs are well-conditioned for all environments, facilitating a safe and successful training transition for them and their families. Learn more about Lyric and the business on the link below!

Are we the trainer for you?

  • How do I receive updates?
    Our clients are accepted into our Facebook group, specifically for past clients, current clients and our waiting list clients. Where they are tagged individually in Facebook updates Monday through Friday. Videos of 3 to 10 minutes are provided depending on what we have achieved for that day, walking you through with detailed information so you are prepared and learning as well and simply seeing your dog while they are with us. Some are sped up due to just doing repetitions, and some are drawn out if I'm coaching. We do not do Facebook updates on Saturdays or Sundays, we are closed. We do not work with clients on the weekends unless it is at group class, 1x a month. If you do not have Facebook, you would be texted Monday - Friday with YouTube video links.
  • Behavioral Consulting- When do I see my dog?
    If your pup's in our behavior program, we'll have weekly hands-on sessions (during business days). The goal is to get you well-trained and informed about the process to suit your goals at home. Video updates on non-session days (Mon-Fri), and just a heads up, we're only available on business days. Be ready to adjust your schedule. Keeping up with homework is key; commit to putting in the work to avoid old issues resurfacing. We'll show you the ideal dog, but keeping it up at home is the real deal.
  • What do I do when the dog comes home?
    Your dog returns home from the board and train program with a refined skill set, prompting you as the owner to adapt and improve for optimal results. The structured routine established during training now shapes daily life, where free time becomes a reward for respectful and well-behaved behavior. Engaging your dog in mental stimulation through training reps and handler interaction for 30 to 45 minutes daily becomes a norm, with Lyric demonstrating what these exercises entail. Maintaining crate conditioning and establishing new daily habits contribute to a consistent environment conducive to success. Consistency is key to achieving desired outcomes. To replicate the trainer's success, it's essential to implement the same respectful boundaries and consistency patterns at home. While showering them with love and affection is natural, it's also crucial to strike a balance and limit excessive affection to maintain respect.
  • What is the leadership program?
    While your dog is here for a 14 day leadership program, we are tackling ON leash obedience and commands, as well as conditioning them off leash. We train the dogs off leash on our property, and then head out to the empty road working your dog off leash heeling, and following commands as well as "off leash" in the house where some dogs have very poor manners with dinner, people visiting, chewing, or barking! Off leash means they are receiving collar conditioning via remote training while learning to follow commands and directions without a actual leash on the dog, but with the remote collar when needed. We also visit stores, shopping centers, and restaurants, while they are with us. Which you will receive videos of Monday - Friday by 5:00 pm. leadership program dogs receive at least three public store outings while with us. This is for the people and dog friendly dogs only. No behavioral issues accepted.
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