I've had Stonehaven professionally open since I was 16 years old!  Our training program keeps growing and growing every year as we are lucky enough to help owners with their relationships with their dogs. My plans are designed to give owners the best possible success when their dog comes home. 


I started to learn about training when I was 10, with a rescue greyhound, starting classes and working with a mentor, who gave me board and train dogs to work with when I was 13/14 years old on summer break.

I started learning to rehabilitate dogs when I was 16 with a personal German Shepherd I owned, along with my first rehab client. The process of trying to reshape dogs unstable and harmful mindset is and can be a frustrating and lengthy process many owners cannot do themselves. With going on ten years of knowledge, learning daily, and of course, mistakes to learn many different ways to help each dog that walks through my doors.



These dogs are getting my undivided attention through the day, and living with us as a family, and participating in daily activities and enrichment training. My fiancé and I both handle the dogs while they are in training so that way we can prove the dogs listening to various people instead of just me being the main trainer.


Behind the scenes; 

Many of you say, "you're so young, how old are you?" Lovlies, I am currently 25 going on 40. LOL.

I am from a small town in Illinois, which is where most of my family resides, currently. 

I have a young toddler and an amazing fiance that helps me chase my goals. My family is hands-on with our dogs and dogs in training; that way, these dogs are adapted to a family atmosphere and helps balance training.

My daughter, Hayden, was born on 02.09.17, and has been the highlight of our lives! Hoping she will follow in my footsteps and be a future dog whisperer. She is a WILD CHILD and hell on wheels! (In the best way possible) we also have a son named Wayde! He is the cutest gem.


I applaud my clients that understand their dog needs dedication, and constant training in the new routine, we are set to keep their dog balanced and moving forward in life, instead of regressing. So Thank you, for wanting to better your dog, and your family lives, if you are considering training, or have even completed training!​​

I am here, to aim to help you understand your dog, and improve your dog know what we need them to do for us. Building a better relationship with your family to enjoy your pup.

I specialize in dog aggression, and rehabilitation as well as on and off-leash training, behavior issues such as problems of anxiety and fear, and puppy training. Please look around and let me know if I can be of service to you!


I service Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, Clewiston, Sebring, and many more cities!

about Lyric



Lyric Rose

Dog training is my passion, helping you rebuild your dog - is my goal.