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 i'm Lyric!


I've been operating Stonehaven professionally since I was 16 years old! Our training program continues to expand each year, and we’re fortunate to assist owners in improving their relationships with their dogs. My plans are meticulously crafted to ensure owners achieve the utmost success when their dog returns home.

I began my journey into dog training at the age of 10 when I started attending classes and worked with a mentor, who entrusted me with board and train dogs during my summer breaks at 13/14. At 16, I delved into rehabilitating dogs, starting with my own German Shepherd and a rehab client. The process of reshaping unstable and harmful mindsets in dogs can be both frustrating and time-consuming, often beyond the capabilities of many owners. With nearly more then twelve years of experience, I continue to learn daily and have gained insights through my mistakes, allowing me to explore various ways to assist each dog that comes through my doors.

These dogs receive my undivided attention throughout the day, as they live with us as part of our family and participate in daily activities and enrichment training. Both my husband and I are involved in handling the dogs during their training, ensuring they respond to different people instead of solely relying on me as the primary trainer. While I will be your primary point of contact, my husband will also be involved in their care and training as needed.

I want to commend my clients who recognize the importance of dedication and continuous training in their dog's new routine. We're committed to keeping their dogs balanced and progressing in life, rather than regressing. So, I extend my gratitude to those considering or who have already completed training!

My goal is to help you comprehend your dog and enhance their behavior to meet your needs, ultimately fostering a better relationship with your family and enjoying your beloved pup.

I specialize in addressing dog aggression and rehabilitation, on and off-leash training, handling behavior issues such as anxiety and fear problems, and providing guidance in puppy training. Please take a moment to explore, and don't hesitate to reach out if you believe I can be of service to you!


We are full-time dog trainers, meaning we cater to our clients 90% of the day and dogs in our care during our business hours. Our down time is rare as one of us are always with the dogs. But we do own a horse drawn carriage company and we have a small doodle breeding program for service dogs. |:|


A peek behind the scenes:
Many of you have asked, "You're so young; how old are you?" Well, lovelies, I'm currently 27 but sometimes feel like I'm going on 40 – LOL.

I hail from a small town in Illinois, where most of my family resides. I'm blessed with two young kids and an amazing husband who works from home, supporting my goals. Family plays an essential role in our work with dogs and their training. We aim for a family-oriented atmosphere to help dogs adapt and balance their training. I own a Saint Bernard named Liam, and several doodles and poodles, also while having a small breeding program for trained family dogs and service dogs, that I  sell. I have two Belgian draft geldings, and a welsh pony, stay busy during winter with our horse drawn carriage business. 

My daughter, Hayden, was born on 02.09.17 and has brought immense joy into our lives. I hope she follows in my footsteps as a future dog whisperer. She's a spirited wild child, and it's incredible! We also have a son named Wayde, who is three and with us full-time. He's the cutest gem and incredibly hands-on with our dogs. You won't believe the results – I'm not kidding. You can even check our YouTube for proof!


I service Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, Clewiston, Sebring, and many more cities!













 let's work together!

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