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Our Leadership Program;


In our training program, we address a variety of commands and behaviors,
- Come - Sit
- Down - Place
- Off - Leave it - No
- Jumping on people - Pulling on the leash
- Counter surfing - Excessive barking

During their training, dogs also get the valuable experience of 2 public training trips, where they visit dog-friendly stores to practice their newfound skills in real-world settings.​

Off-leash dog training with an electric collar is a method that prioritizes safety while allowing dogs the freedom to enjoy off-leash situations safely. When applied correctly and responsibly, this training approach reinforces commands and boundaries. Delivering mild adjustable corrections ensures a dog responds to commands reliably, even in a distracting environment.


Ultimately, this approach empowers both dogs and their owners, fostering a sense of trust and security while promoting a fulfilling off-leash experience as a team. So many think off-leash collar training is only valuable in outside environments when the truth is, it creates a balance of controls indoors where you will likely be with your dog most of the time or all together with friends or family.



Leadership 14 Day B & T

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