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Behavioral Consulting;


  • anxiety

  • Aggression (People/dogs)

  • Reactivity - people, dogs, and objects with no intent to harm.

  • Reactivity to cars, people, and dogs with the intent to harm.

  • Animal fighting.

  • Self Mutilation

  • Fear-Based issues.

  • Prioritizing the main issues your dog is struggling with. Developing a comprehensive game plan to find success and overcome these problematic life-altering issues.

  • We offer one hands-on training lesson a week to ensure the dog's and owner's success in their training journey. 

  • Visiting public and populated locations during training is essential for achieving the best dog training, enhancing control, and ensuring guaranteed success in various real-world settings you would utilize. They also learn to settle and turn their brains off in stimulated and boring environments alike. 

Behavioral Consulting - 30 Day

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