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 what do i do best?

My two board and train programs are where your dog lives with us at our home location, for either 16 days or 28 days. 


These are PRONG COLLAR AND ECOLLAR TRAINING PROGRAMS; visit my youtube to see more information about these tools and how I implement them, before moving forward, please.

My programs are for dogs over five months of age.

Behavioral issues are as follows:

  • Anxiety

  • Aggression (People/dogs)

  • Reactivity to cars, people, and dogs with the intent to harm.

  • Animal fighting.

  • Self Mutilation

  • Fear-Based issues.

Please keep in mind, that you are taught how to maintain training and will have to continue a regime the same way for results to stick.

Lifestyle changes with your dog will be necessary for the best outcome.


what they're saying

Lyric worked with us to identify the triggers and helped us learn how to manage them. She worked hard to train us (humans) on how to train/manage our dogs.


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On Leash + Off-Leash training; board & train, 16 days.

Commands: Sit, down, place, come, heel leave it, off, no, drop it, kennel/crate.

Training with stimulated and calm environments in our home, with our family, and attending cookouts, visiting restaurants, and stores!

* Dogs must be adjusted to a crate for 8 hours before enrolling* Do not need to be perfect, but aware of a crate & time in it.*


 Make sure to check out FB page for examples!

 what's included?

  • Training Equipment; E collar + Prong Collar included.

  • Canine Good Citizen Testing at group classes. Puppy Star, Canin Good Citizen, Urban Canine, Community Canine.

  • Group Class Monthly Access + Boarding Privileges.

  • 3-5 Public training trips & lunch outings. (GCTC, Forum, Pinchers/Millers Ale House, etc)

  • Monday - Friday Facebook progress uploads via Video.

  • Three in-home Lessons to use within 6 months.

  • Stay up to 100 FT away from you.

  • Training YOU!




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Behavioral board & train, 28 days.

Commands: Sit, down, place, come, heel, leave it, off, no, drop it, kennel/crate + Problematic issues (Dogs, people, critters)

We are training in stimulated and calm environments in our home, Public settings and meeting with you weekly so we can teach you!

 what's included?

  • Prioritizing the main issues your dog is struggling with; Dog Aggression, Human Aggression, Fear-Based Issues, Reactivity, Anxiety, etc.

  • On and Off Leash in safe locations. (Program Above)

  • Weekly Owner Training Sessions (Mon-Fri)

  • 5-7 In-town public training sessions. Home Depot, Bass pro shops, restaurants, etc.

  • I am removing a mental state of no control,  manners, and risks of lawsuits and building them into a calm demeanor and trustworthy dog, and teaching you the importance of maintaining it.

  • Public Training hours, Stores, Restaurants, and being involved in a home setting.

  • Monday - Friday Facebook video updates to teach you and show progression.

  • This is a very big program with a lot of expectations, please do not sign up for it if you are not ready to make big changes for you to have a more settled life with your dog. We pride this program because of how much we put into making these changes with you.



Hudson was attacking the vacuum, and blowers, and would get so stimulated he would go after his humans. One of our sessions "proofing" our homework.

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Client Boarding

Service provided to dogs and families that have gone through our board and train programs.

 what's included?

  • Day Care Play time when here for boarding.

  • Training tune-up add-on.

  • Monday - Friday - pick up drop off to avoid fees.

Fee: $50 / day.
Weekend Pick up fee: $25.
Tune-Up Day (full& training day): $125