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Board & Train Programs
16 or 30 days!

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Leadership Training

On Leash + Off-Leash training; board & train, 16 days.

Electric collar training program with upstanding results for on and off leash. 


5 + months of age to enroll!

 what's included?

We provide training in both stimulating and calm environments right in our home, alongside our family. This includes activities like attending cookouts and visiting restaurants and stores.

- Please note that dogs should be accustomed to spending up to 4 hours in a crate before enrolling in our program. They don't need to be perfect, but they should have some familiarity with a crate and the time spent in it.

This program is not suitable for overly fearful, aggressive, or reactive dogs.

In our training program, we address a variety of commands and behaviors, including:
- Come - Sit
- Down - Place
- Off - Leave it - No
- Jumping on people - Pulling on the leash

- Counter surfing - Excessive barking

  • We update you with your dog's progress from Monday to Friday through Facebook video uploads. If you're not on social media, we'll text you the videos directly to your cell phone, ensuring you can stay informed and learn in your dog's training journey.

  • Canine good citizen testing is a valuable assessment that evaluates a dog's obedience and behavior, aiming to ensure they are a well-behaved and responsible member of the community; this testing and training is included with this program.

  • During their training, dogs also get the valuable experience of 3 to 5 public training trips, where they visit stores and restaurants to practice their newfound skills in real-world settings.

  • To help ensure a dog remains successful after training, we offer one in-home private lesson and monthly access to group classes. A well, dogs have boarding privileges once they complete their training.

  • Off-leash dog training with an electric collar is a method that prioritizes safety while allowing dogs the freedom to enjoy off-leash situations safely. When applied correctly and responsibly, this training approach provides a valuable tool for reinforcing commands and boundaries. Delivering mild adjustable corrections ensures a dog responds to commands reliably, even in a distracting environment.

Ultimately, this approach empowers both dogs and their owners, fostering a sense of trust and security while promoting a fulfilling off-leash experience as a team. So many think off-leash collar training is only valuable in outside environments when the truth is, it creates a balance of controls indoors where you will likely be with your dog most of the time or all together with friends or family.

We heavily decreased our pricing as we will be moving this summer. 
Payments due to reserve training spots. see FAQ.

Paypal credit or affirm as financing options, cash, and cards accepted.

Hudson was attacking the vacuum, and blowers, and would get so stimulated he would go after his humans. One of our sessions "proofing" our homework.

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Behavioral Consulting

Behavioral board & train, 30 days. Electric Collar Training.

This program covers the 16 day program above, while we work on extensive behavioral issues such as; 

  • Anxiety

  • Aggression (People/dogs)

  • Reactivity to cars, people, and dogs with the intent to harm.

  • Animal fighting.

  • Self Mutilation

  • Fear-Based issues.

  • Prioritizing the main issues your dog is struggling with. Developing a comprehensive game plan to find success and overcome these problematic life-altering issues.

  • We offer one hands-on training lesson a week to ensure the dog's and owner's success in their training journey. 

  • Visiting public and populated locations during training is essential for achieving the best dog training, enhancing control, and ensuring guaranteed success in various real-world settings you would utilize. They also learn to settle and turn their brains off in stimulated and boring environments alike.

  • With this comprehensive plan, we focus on tailoring this new foundation into your home and lifestyle with your dog. Giving you the new skills and knowledge on how to train, maintain a better version, and correct the unsettled dog behaviors you were experiencing.

  • We provide daily video updates Monday - Friday to reassure you that your dog is safe and making progress; additionally, we offer coaching in these video updates to ensure you are learning along the way.

  • We provide a guarantee to showcase the remarkable improvements your dog can achieve, contingent on your dedication and commitment to the training progress.

 what's included?

We heavily decreased our pricing as we are moving this summer.

Paypal credit or affirm!


Client Boarding

Service provided to dogs and families that have gone through our board and train programs.

 what's included?

  • Day Care Play time when here for boarding.

  • Training tune-up add-on.

  • Monday - Friday - pick up drop off to avoid fees.

Fee: $50 / day.
Weekend Pick up fee: $25.
Tune-Up Day (full& training day): $125
Tune ups are a min of 3 day stays.

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