Frequently asked questions

What is a Board & Train?

My programs are board and train based - > - Meaning your dog gets to stay with us for training, and you get your hands on training on the scheduled pick up day. - Board and train dogs live on site with us. Staying for training, playing with dogs when they are not training, and sleeping in crates for saftey.

Do you offer lessons?

I only offer lessons to families that have been through a program of mine. - Due to limited time, dogs in training, and previous clients being a high priority, i do not have the extra time in my day to offer lessons to outside people that have not been through a program. My clients that are currently in for training are my number one priority, then my clients that have graduated coming next, always having my support when requested.

How does a board & train help me?

A board and train can help you by establishing the foundation training you need set with your dog, that would usually take you weeks or even months to do with a normal schedule. When here for a bopard and train, new skills are established each day, with you getting updates via pictures and video so you can see your dog excelling daily.

Will my dog only listen to you, once training is finished?

Heck to the nope! Because i show you monday - friday video updates in our training group, you get a preview of how to work your dog, prior to actually receiving your hands on training. Once your dog is headed home - in a puppy or leadership program- you hangout and train with me for one- two hours and go through all the commands, and learning the prong and ecollar before i send you home. I want to send you home, happy, confident in your new skills as a team, and excelling - that is MY job. In a behavioral program i meet with my families weekly, that way they have extra hands on with new skills and new behaviors we are getting undercontrol.

When are you open for drop off - pick up?

My days are monday - friday for hands on training with dogs leaving or arriving. My hours are 11 am - 7 pm. The dogs and my kids get my time in the mornings, then i finally come last, so 11am is typically my earliest after ive been able to tackle the morning routine. Boarding: I am not open on weekends for boarding drop off/pick up.

How is the environment?

I try to keep things pretty easy going and calm, i personally cannot handle major stressors so i dont expect these dogs to! The dogs are involved in our daily lives, with household chores, kids, other dogs, our ferret, and having friends or family over. I keep things pretty happy go lucky as long as we are training at the same time. It is not a free for all in my house, when the dogs are inside with us, they need to "place" on the cot or dog bed, and hangout unless asked to get up. I have a young toddler and a infant that are on the go, so dogs are learning to be patient, have better inpluse controls, and handle busy settings without needing to be in your business 24/7. You have to remember we are training, you are paying for training, not for me to let your dog do whatever it wants, when it wants. The more structure you incorperate into the routine, the healthier the dogs mind.

When can my dog start?

I am typically booked a month or two in advance, so please visit our enrollment form and see when our next opening is. It is usually the beggining of the month, or the middle of the month. Behavioral programs start the 1-4th of the month depending on when the first monday of the month falls on. Behavioral dogs start the beggining of the month, and wrap up by the end of the month for the new dogs to be able to enroll and take their spot.

How do I enroll my dog?

Please visit my contact page, fill out an enrollment form, and check dates that would be available next. Then i would be in touch via email, or text, to schedule a phone consult to cover any questions and details specific to your dog and family's needs. After our phone call, I will invoice your retainer fee, and email you our outline and our contract for you to sign and bring with. Then we just wait for your time slot!



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