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Training, Schedules and more!

We structure our dogs' time efficiently by alternating between potty breaks and play sessions in the dog yard every hour to two hours. Additionally, we incorporate regular training sessions to stimulate their minds and reinforce new trained behaviors.

To promote a calm demeanor indoors, dogs rotate between being inside our home, practicing "place" commands, and returning to play with their pack of pups they have been adjusted into. This balanced routine ensures a mix of physical activity, mental engagement, and training to create a well-rounded and contented environment for our dogs.

Furthermore, we maximize the effectiveness of our dogs' time by strategically incorporating crate sessions between rotations of training, play, and nap time.

The crates serve as cozy areas where dogs can relax and recharge, promoting a sense of security.

This structured approach not only reinforces positive crate associations but also helps in managing their energy levels. It ensures a healthy balance between training activity, play and rest, contributing to the overall well-being and contentment of our doggos here at StoneHaven.

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