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On February 17th, we're offering 7 WORKING slots at $100each, and 3 audit slots at $50, starting at 11 am.

The event may last 3 hours. The duration might extend based on the time needed for each phase and making sure every owner and dog team has the option to work. ❤️❤️

Gator Bounce Rentals LLC will provide our rented cover tent, and we'll have crates available for owners to take breaks or crate their dogs as needed. Water will be provided for both humans and dogs. ✨

Additional prongs and leashes will be available for purchase in case anyone would like new equipment.

Every dog and handler team will undergo a personalized, hands-on session, while teaching everyone as a group. My goal is this will not be rushed and for owners to get every question they have answered.

Working spots are for established SHK9 families, while audit (no dog) spots are available to the public to learn.

We'll cover:

1) Equipment fitting & adjustments

2) Finding e-collar levels

3) Holding the leash and types of prong corrections

4) E-collar corrections, starting at levels and the reasons for increasing based on behaviors

5) Recognizing body language on the leash that requires corrections, like "loading" before an "explosion," and determining the right correction levels

6) Reinforcing commands with the e-collar to enhance command reliability and understanding the rationale behind it

7) Details on the timing of physical and verbal affection/praise, and why it matters for our dogs' behavior

😎 Bringing it all together to illustrate how integrating training into daily life creates a calmer household and improves success rates.

Hope to see so many of you!

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