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Potty Training Puppies ✨

We get this question SO often!

How can you sucessfully potty train puppies?

Whether you were bringing home a eight week old puppy from the breeder, or you have a five month old puppy that is just now coming home, you will need to potty train & housebreak them!


Water intake, limit their water intake to only 1/2 cup to 1 cup, 2-3 times a day. This way you can schedule and time going out and going to the bathroom, successfully.

puppies should NOT have free range access to a water bowl!

If your puppy recently drank water within the last 10 to 15 minutes, they should be going outside and going to the bathroom before having free range when they come back inside.

If your puppy went to the bathroom outside, go ahead and allow them a free monitored range inside the house, if they did not go to the bathroom, put them in place or back in their crate until you have a couple minutes to go back outside and make sure they go to the bathroom. head back outside within twenty minutes, to avoid an accident in the crate or place.

Free range inside the house:

Should be completely monitored, and they should only be in sight. If you guys are in the main living, space, make sure all bedroom and bathroom doors are closed off, so that way they cannot disappear when you are busy for a couple minutes.

If you are busy a little bit longer than just a couple minutes and cannot occupy your puppy or closely monitor them for them to be successful; Make sure your puppy is put up in the crate.


Puppies should be fed on a schedule and should not be free fed or have 24 seven access to kibble. Picky eater or not. Providing a feeding schedule for your puppy will help you time going to the bathroom and leaving them in their crate for a period of time. Make your crate a safe space by feeding a puppy inside its crate providing them 30 to 45 minutes in the crate and then going ahead and taking them for a walk outside.

This means, puppy eats in the crate with the door shut, left alone for 30-45 minutes to eat, digest, rest; and then head outside for a potty break.

The best thing to do for a puppy is changing up your feeding times, and they should not be directly on a set time daily! Keep it within an hour to an hour and a half of normal time frames, but try to keep it where the puppy will be able to acclirmate to schedule changes.

Ex: 8 am, one day, and 7 am the next, etc.

Biggest thing to remember when trying to potty training a puppy, they will need to go outside just about every hour, especially when they are active. The more activity they have them, or their bladders will need to be released so pick up on the signs of a puppy sniffing or slowing down.

If your puppy just woke up from a nap, take them outside to go to the bathroom and head back inside once they are done! If your puppy is coming out of the crate for a period of time, head outside to go to the bathroom, head back inside once they are done. Try to keep it consistent with the same exact door that they are going out to go potty the same time, that way, they learn the consistency with going to that door to signal Potty breaks.

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