Result Based Training

* Our board & trains take place at our home location, where dogs live with us as a family, training daily and achieving new behaviors.



Each program covers the same base outline, with a hint of difference for varying packages. 


Commands taught in all packages:

Sit, Down, Place, Coming When Called, Off, No, Leave it, Wait, Heel, Drop it, Kennel & OK (release).



     Basic Behaviors:

Potty training, jumping, mouthing, excessive barking, counter surfing, chewing items, over excitement.



Major Behaviors:

Anxiety, Fear-based Issues, Human Aggression, Dog aggression, Resource Guarding, Reactivity,  you name it!



Differences in the packages will rely on the type of training needed in your dog's life and the length of stay - please review the package details for what is offered.


Program tool packages include in the fee's, an e-collar, fitted prong collar, lifetime support, monthly group class, and access to boarding privileges.

Education on the e-collar can be found in our videos, or at the collar website @


Please email, or text me if you have any specific questions, all Phone Calls are scheduled.

Puppy Training


12 Day board & train at our location.


Suitable for puppies between the ages of 10 weeks - 16 weeks.


Owner's choice of e-collar add - on OR Potty training set up.

(option to upgrade to both->  + $100)


On-leash training foundation only

(plus the option for minor advanced skils with  e-collar add on)


Training pick up is at our location.


Commands and basic behaviors tackled and trained -  are listed above.


No more nuisance puppy after our short puppy board & train!


*One 1/1 lesson at owners home included within two weeks of dog graduating training program.

Leadership Training


16 Day board & train at our location.


For puppies/dogs over 16 weeks old - 8 years old.


E - Collar & Prong collar - tools included in the program.


Off-leash training and listening achieved - perfect for the yard, and in the house!


100 Ft down with implied stay.


OFF-LEASH Obedience Achieved.


Newfound manners | No More Jumping | Calm Demeanor with Guests, family, and kids.


3 public in town training visits to proof a new foundation of commands.


Training pickup, our location.


Review commands & basic behaviors listed above.


Lifetime follow up support within group glass, and calls/texts.

*TWO in-home lessons scheduled to be used within the first  two months of graduating.



Finally, a dog that knows its commands -  follows them when asked, and you can walk in public places because they are under control, and listening without being an embarrassment or having no control! You can finally relax when having guests over.

(Package Not suitable for major behavioral issues)



Behavioral Consulting


25-day board & train at our location.


E - collar, prong collar & extra necessities included in this program.


Off-leash commands and listening achieved.


Rebuilding a dog that follows directions each time when asked, and not overstimulated and focused on other dogs/people.


Resource guarding / dog fights/separation anxiety/reactivity / over-stimulation, all retrained within the dog for new calm mental state.


Training & proofing commands and new behaviors in public settings.


 4 hands-on visits with owners during the training program.


Removing a mental state of no control,  manners, and risks of lawsuits, and building them into a calm demeanor and trustworthy dog.


Training in dogs home setting, the day the dog is scheduled to go home.


Leadership skills, balancing your dog to seek out the right choices, instead of poor ones.  


No more hiding your dog when guests come over, no more unpredictability with friends over, or lack of control. Ignoring other dogs on walks, and finally being blessed with a tuned-in dog whom the family can trust and do more with.


The program is designed for dogs that struggle with behaviors such as, anxiety, fear-based issues, resource guarding, animal aggression, social skills,  human aggression, and so forth.