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Fully Trained Dogs for Sale


Fully trained puppies bring unparalleled ease to those looking to welcome a new companion into their lives.

Imagine the joy of bringing home a pup already equipped with essential obedience skills, making the transition seamless. These well-trained bundles of joy understand basic commands and embody good behavior, creating a harmonious atmosphere from day one.


It's like having a four-legged housemate who's adorable and a breeze to integrate into your daily routines.


Fully trained puppies simplify the bonding process, allowing you to focus on building a strong, loving connection right from the start. It's a delightful, stress-free way to embark on the exciting journey of pet ownership. 🐾💕

Spy is available as a fully trained companion at $20,000 with on/off leash and electric collar training established. Fifteen hours of public training. Canine good citizen certificate completed. Vet care completed.

Will be ready as a fully trained Great Dane companion.

Essential go-home package, including all training and equipment to transfer.

you can find more information on our companion, trained dogs for sale website,



Cooper, a standard-size goldendoodle weighing approximately 50 pounds, is a well-trained four-year-old. He is proficient on and off leash with an e-collar, walks excellently, and displays friendliness towards other dogs.


Cooper responds promptly to commands such as sit, down, place, off, leave it, and crate. Previously trained by us at five months old, Cooper had exhibited resource-guarding behavior, which has since been resolved with structured living and consistent expectations. He sleeps in a crate, not a human bed, making him suitable for a single household.

Cooper thrives under the care of someone with a strong personality who can provide good rules and expectations. Cooper is priced at $2800, including e-collar and training equipment, in search of an appropriate home. 

Neutered | UTD on Vaccines & grooming.

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