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Our most popular service at StoneHaven K9 is our Board and Train. However, despite its popularity, we still get a number of pup parents with lots of questions and concerns.

Being dog parents ourselves, of course, we understand. When you’re leaving your pup somewhere for two weeks or longer, it’s natural to have lots of questions to feel confident in your decision. Please review in depth below.

  • What is a board & train?
    A board and train program is where the dog lives with the trainer for a period of time and then you receive training to maintain the dog at home. One program of ours is 16 days, and the other is 30. The dog stays with us the entire duration of the program and owners are receiving lessons depending on the program enrolled, and video updates.
  • Who works with my dog?
    I personally work with your dog daily, as well as my other half, Chris, and our children.
  • How do I receive updates?
    Our clients are accepted into our Facebook group, specifically for past clients, current clients and our waiting list clients. Where they are tagged individually in Facebook updates Monday through Friday. Videos of 5 to 20 minutes are provided depending on what we have achieved for that day, walking you through with detailed information so you are prepared and learning as well and simply seeing your dog while they are with us. We do not do Facebook updates on Saturdays or Sundays, we are closed. If you do not have Facebook, you would be texted Monday - Friday with YouTube video links.
  • When do we drop off & pick up?
    Lyric will touch base via text message or email about drop off time frames that are scheduled a few days prior to your scheduled arrival date. Pick up dates will be arranged the same way. Drop offs are Monday - Friday from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.
  • During a behavioral program, when do I see my dog?
    If your dog is completing a behavioral program with me, you will have hands on weekly sessions before the delivery date of the dog going home. The goal is for you to be well trained, informed and educated of the process with your dog to suit your goals at home and continue to be successful. Other days Monday - Friday that we are not seeing you, you will receive your video updates. Without keeping up with your homework at home the prior issues can resurface, so please make sure you are ready to make a solid commitment of putting in some work before stepping forward. We can show you the ideal version of your dog, but maintaining it is key at home.
  • My dogs human aggressive - Can you help?
    Absolutely that's what we are here for! We have been working with human and dog aggressive dogs for the last 10 years. During the behavioral program and time with us, they are well conditioned to public locations, strange people coming in and out of our home, working in your location, and understanding what's expected of them from us as trainers and you as their owner.
  • What do I have to do when the dog comes home?
    We recommend maintaining at least 30-45 minutes of structured work on walks, with your tools, without this your dog will regress and this is not fault on us but can be fault of lack of consistency at home. (We mean no harm by that) 30mins - 1HR with place work inside the house and visiting stimulated environments to keep the foundation.. Overall your going to need to maintain your tools for 3 months for a solid transfer with you as a team and in your household. This is NOT sending your dog off to be perfect and we do nothing. You WILL have to keep up with things, and maintain the foundation for it to be continued with positive progress. They are animals with their own brains, that know who they can push over and cannot, so training you is important too.
  • What happens in the leadership program?
    While your dog is here for a 16 day leadership program, we are tackling ON leash obedience and commands, as well as conditioning them off leash. We train the dogs off leash on our property, and then head out to the ATV trails by us while we go explore and record your dog off leash heeling, and following commands as well as "off leash" in the house where some dogs have very poor manners with dinner, people visiting, chewing, or barking! Off leash means they are receiving collar conditioning via remote training while learning to follow commands and directions without a actual leash on the dog, but with the remote collar when needed. We also visit stores, shopping centers, and restaurants, while they are with us. Which you will receive videos of Monday - Friday by 5:00 pm. leadership program dogs receive at least three public store outings while with us. This is for the people and dog friendly dogs only. No behavioral issues accepted.
  • What follow up do I receive as an owner?
    We provide in-home private lessons for follow ups after your dog has completed a program with us. You must utilize these follow-ups within a certain timeframe of 6 months. You will have access to group class the first of every month for as long as you'd like to come and bring your pup. These are maintenance options and making sure you have support from us.
  • How do I pay, and when our payments due?
    When booking a spot with us we do require a nonrefundable retainer that is due within 48 hours, which will be invoiced right after we send over our enrollment email which includes your training contract. The retainer is $500.00 Your balance will be due 2 days before training. Your balance must be paid by the drop off day at arrival at the latest, for us to start your dog. You can use credit cards, debit or bank with our invoicing system. If you need payment plans, please check out PayPal credit, and we can invoice you through there also. sale prices are due in full to reserve.
  • What does my dogs day look like while being with you?
    A day with me at StoneHaven K9 for your pup is full of excitement, fun and structure. Dogs that stay with us take part in several training sessions through the day, among hourly play time as long as the weather permits. Our training sessions involve helping teach your dog the commands, behavior, and obedience that we recommend for all dogs, as well as any issues you specifically listed us to work on. Our dog yard is a 80 x 60 astroturfed yard, with access to a water bucket during the day when playing In the evening we do take away the water bucket so we can limit water intake before bed. When put up the dogs go back in there crates for down time, and also sleep in there. Typically unless we have outings with trained dogs, dogs are not crated for more then 3 -4 hours during the day. DOGS MUST BE CRATE TRAINED PRIOR TO ARRIVING. When we do take dogs into town, the other dogs are crated while we are away. These days are limited during the week, and our longest adventures out are 3 hours between travel & training.
  • What breeds do you accept? How old can they be?
    We accept all breeds in our training programs. We have had tiny 4 pounds Chihuahuas to extremely large St Bernards and Danes. We have no breed restrictions but we do have age restrictions. The youngest we do take on dogs is 5 months of age. They need to have three serious of their DHPP vaccines and their rabies. We do raise puppies ourselves, so we do require all vaccines to be completed by the vet before accepting them. The oldest we accept dogs into our program is 6/7 years. When a dog gets into their senior, it causes more stress, unsettled behaviors, they are prone to issues with the exercise and the Florida heat. We put the dogs health first and try to recommend private lessons or group classes with seniors so there is limited stress on the dog.
  • Do they have access to AC/Heat when needed?
    Our "Dog House" is a 16 x 30 AC and Heated building. The dog house is just a place for our personal and client dog crates to be. It is dual AC and stays at 70 during the spring & summer. Dogs are fed in their crates and have their blanket from home in their crates with them for the comfort of smells. During the day, the dogs are rotated with us for inside house access place command and receive 1/1 time for playing & resting while our family is around. As well as hourly access to playgroup outside as long as weather permits, in our 60 x 80 astroturfed yard.
  • How many dogs do you accept at one time?
    I limit our maximum number of board and trains to 3 at a time. This allows us to have the proper amount of time needed to spend with your dog to ensure that they achieve the results you’re wanting by the time their board & train with us is completed. If we have a dog with considerable issues such as aggression, we may lower this number to 2 leadership board and trains, as we only accept one behavioral consulting client at one time, but we will also have leadership client(s) in. This small amount helps me and Chris tend to the dogs during the day, and also while our kids are home. We have two boarding only spots for clients only at all times as well, among a crew of 8 of our own.
  • Doodles & grooming, coming to training.
    Doodles will need to have a coat of 1" or less when coming to training, it must be Matte free and in good condition. We are not your groomer. Dogs have access to the kitty pool and are very active, set your dog up for success when coming to training. Grooming fees will apply on dogs with coats over 1".
  • Flea, Tick, and worm prevention!
    It is mandatory your dog is flea and worm free prior to coming to training. Dogs play and easily transmit so much back and forth. Worms are BEYOND easy to pick up but please help us by making sure your dog is on active prevention every month, and right before coming! We will also de worm your dog prior to leaving to help make sure nothing has been picked up between traveling to off site locations, with the horses, and being with the other dogs. As a dewormer we use strongid.
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