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I am a balanced trainer in Lehigh Acres, I utilize e-collars and training tools - for my training programs, and would be glad to show, and teach you how it could benefit your dog and your relationship. 


We have many references, and many clients - my Facebook page has tons of reviews from real owners, I'm dedicated to my clients, and their dogs.


Signing up with us, you are receiving a commitment from us for you and your dog, for as long as you need. 


Investments for training are as follows:

Puppy Training: $1,500.

Leadership | on & off leash: $2,000

Behavioral consulting $3,500.

If you are interested in scheduling a meet & greet, the fee is $25

- you would bring your dog and discuss your training needs, with Lyric, and we would customize a training program to benefit your lifestyle, with the outcome of training, you desire. 


My email: Lyric@StoneHavenk9.com


My Cell: 239.810.4094 (best to text to schedule a call, service can be rocky)


Weekends I am Closed BUT can schedule calls around family activities - please send me a text on weekends to schedule.